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GTE Certification & Inspection Process 
for added Value and Peace of Mind

Global Turf Equipment UK selects only the best late-model equipment available from Global Turf Equipment, the world's largest independent dealer of pre-owned turf machinery. Equipment comes from short-term leases through direct relationships with leasing & finance companies.

When you purchase a machine from Global Turf UK you are receiving a GTE Certified machine that will be ready to perform and operate like a new machine at about half the cost.Each machine receives a detailed inspection of the general operation, engine, belts, electrical system, hydraulic system, cutting units, and cosmetics.

All Machines Come With:

  • Full CE certification & markings for use in all European Union countries
  • Local Service & Support
  • 90-Day major parts warranty

All Machines Are Fully Serviced:

  • New Oil & Oil Filter, New Fuel & Fuel Filter, New Air Filter, New Pre-Cleaner Filter(s), New Spark Plugs, New Rotary Blades or New Bedknives and Screws, Reels Backlapped and Set, Machine Lubricated
  • All filters are genuine OEM parts
  • All fluids are European specification

All Machines are Extensively Inspected:


Starter, Key Switch, Excessive Noise or Knocks, Excessive Smoke, Smooth Idle, Throttle Cable, Muffler, Fuel Lines


Warning lights, Fuses, Headlights, Taillights, Brakelights, Battery Cables, Battery Test


Hoses, Fittings, Lift Cylinders, Steering Cylinder, Reel/Deck Motors, Wheel Motors, Other Hydraulic Motors

Cutting Units

Frame, Shields, Deck Spindle Bearings, Reel Bearings, Lift Arm Bushings, Rollers & Bearings, Basket Rollers, Caster Wheels/Bushings, Anti-Scalp Rollers/Bearings/Shafts, Groomer Bearings/Blades, Roller Brush Bearings/Shaft/Belts, Reel Drive Belts, Groomer Drive Belts, Height Adjustment


Reel/Deck Lift and Lower, Blades/Reels Engage & Disengage, Backlap Switch, Seat Switch, Hour Meter, Parking Brake, Brakes, Steering, Forward & Reverse Speeds, Temperature Gauge, Fuel Gauge, Drive Belts, Drive Shaft, PTO Shaft, Wheel Bearings, Tie Rods, Radiator Screen, Coolant Tank, Water Pump, AWD System


Radiator Screen, Tire Condition, Rims, Frame, Hoods & Covers, Seat, Decals

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Tel: 0044 (0)1937 581111

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